Frequently Asked Questions

»Do you build on site, or deliver the buildings once they are completed?

Both. In most cases, we opt for delivery. However, building on site is an option should the need arise.

»Can we have someone inspect the site where we plan to put the building?

Yes. Before you purchase a Mast Woodworks building, we can check out the site where your intend to put it and explain why or why not it is the ideal location for your new investment.

»Are warranties offered on ALL of your buildings?

Yes. All of our buildings come standard with a 5-year structure warranty, in addition to a 6 month leveling warranty.  The leveling warranty is important because after your building is in place, the ground around it tends to settle. This can lead to a building that does not sit evenly on its foundation, which can cause structure problems down the road if we don’t level it back out. By offering this warranty we can significantly increase the life and strength of your structure.

»Do your prices include delivery and set-up?

Setup for your new Mast Woodworks building is included in the price. Delivery fees, however, will vary depending on the location of the delivery site, and its distance from the nearest dealer (purchase point). Delivery is free if the location is within 45 miles of this purchase point. Beyond 45 miles, delivery fees are based on several factors: the dimensions of the building, the total distance, etc… In this instance, you will need to speak with a Mast Woodworks representative to get an accurate price quote on delivery.

»How long will it take to get my customized building?

Generally, the time frame for a custom building is 2 to 3 weeks. However, different circumstances can cause this time frame to vary slightly. However, it rarely takes longer than 4 to 5 weeks.

»How long does it take to get my building after I purchase it from a dealer?

Generally 1 to 5 days. The main factor in determining delivery time is the weather. It is ideal for us to be able to deliver your new building when the ground is dry, and there is no threat of unstable ground and muddy yards. We will strive to deliver your building as quickly as possible, but there are uncontrollable natural factors that must be taken into consideration and prevent us from being able to establish an exact time frame.

»How long does it take to have my building set-up?

Between 1 and 2 hours is the norm. This time, however, is dependent upon site preparation and available road access to the chosen site.

»Are building permits required for a portable building?

It’s best for you to contact your local building and zoning office. Different counties/cities require different permits, and some require no permits at all. In any case, it’s best to be on the safe side and get in contact with them to be sure.

»How customizable is my building? Is it easy to customize to my specifications?

The easiest, most cost-efficient way to create a unique building for your site is to choose one of the main structures from our catalogue and then customize it by choosing your own colors and some of the optional add-ons we offer. However, we have also designed completely custom buildings based on customer sketches and photographs.